Our Services - Personal Injury

Working with the client and private investigators to establish negligence on behalf of the identified defendants who caused the injury or accident. Working with medical professionals to assess the nature and scope of the plaintiff's injury. Working with rehabilitation professionals to develop a rehabilitation plan for client's recovery and costs of future rehabilitation. Interview collateral witnesses, employers, friends, associates and family members to establish collateral evidence as to the scope of the client's injuries, rehabilitation costs and future wage loss. Working with medical experts in the areas of orthopaedic, brain injury, psychological and psychiatric injury. Working with engineers and forensic scientists to assess causes of accident, recreation of accident through computer simulations, interviewing police, fire, and ambulance witnesses. Reviewing hospital records. Investigating stop light timing, pedestrian walkway designs, to ascertain evidence and reconstruct parameters of accident.

Initiate medical tests, cat scans, and other expert evidence to demonstrate scope of injuries, future prognosis, future cost of care, and future wage loss. Prepare accounting and actuarial information to establish the cost of future care and future wage loss.

Lawyers practicing in Personal Injury:


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