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Provide consultation services on by-law drafting, scope of municipal powers, conduct of public hearings and other administrative duties. Consultation on Local Government Act and Vancouver Charter, as well as related provincial and federal environmental legislation, including Waste Management Act, and Freedom of Information. Drafting of statutory agreements, 215 covenants, right-of-way agreements, and development permits. Zoning and building applications - providing consultation services regarding rezoning, building and development permit applications, Board of Variance appeals.

Employment and Human Rights Consultation
Providing a wide variety of service relating to labour and employment issues, including application of collective agreement, Human Rights Code, Workers Compensation Board, Employment Standards Act, and common law principles. Providing input to and drafting of collective agreements as well as conducting collective bargaining negotiations.

Negligence Claims
Defending a wide variety of claims relating to wrongful refusal of permits, judicial review, by-law challenges, license revocations, expropriation, defence of civil suits against municipal police departments for excess force, false imprisonment, defending trip and fall cases, highway and road design, negligent playground design, negligent misrepresentation, and negligent inspection.

Commercial Contracts
Providing a wide variety of commercial contract drafting services, including drafting of tender agreements, lease agreements, supply contracts and public/ private partnership agreements. Pursuing breach of contract claims, construction delay claims, and tax arrears.

Services To Individuals:


Challenges to Municipal by-laws, applications to obtain building and development permits, Assessment Appeal applications, appeals to the Board of Variance.

Consultation on Tax assessment issues, conducting appeals to Court of Revision, and Court challenges, where appropriate. Providing advice regarding the scope of charitable exemptions.

General Municipal Litigation
Commencing expropriation claims, pursuing negligence claims against local governments, including building envelope failure cases. Commencing judicial review actions to challe
nge by-laws and compel issuance of development or building permits.

Lawyer practicing in Municipal Law:


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