Our Services - Corporate Facilitation

We work in conjunction with other trained professionals to deliver a variety of services designed to stimulate and foster a sustainable and continuous program of internal relational improvement within the business setting. Some specific services include:

  • providing facilitation, training, coaching and modeling in effective communication process;
  • providing workshops and strategies for team building;
  • designing and delivering leadership training, facilitation and development programs;
  • assisting in planning for and implementing programs to provide for effective change management and cultural "fit" in corporate mergers and acquisitions;
  • designing programs to allow the whole organization to participate in the strategic planning process and to create awareness and commitment to corporate vision, purpose, mission and values;
  • designing, documenting and helping to implement performance management systems that integrate with corporate strategic planning;
  • designing creative compensation and incentive strategies for our clients to bring the very best out of their work force. Often this involves some form of employee share ownership or performance based incentive plan.

Lawyer practicing in Corporate Facilitation:


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