About our Firm - Our Values

At ACCESS Law Group, we strive to show a different side of the legal profession. We are a friendly group of lawyers and paralegal staff working together to providing a high level of service in an efficient and affordable manner. We are committed, as a firm, to the following core values:


To most people, the law and the judicial system are complex, even mysterious. Lawyers are engaged to assist by guiding their clients through the requirements of the law, by advocating for their client's interests in a legal process and by providing wise counsel. In all of these services, the lawyer can choose to empower or disempower the client. When lawyers take control, solve problems on their own and otherwise exclude their clients in a legal process, they effectively disempower their clients by re-enforcing the complexity and mystery of things legal and by creating dependence on the legal professional. At ACCESS, we endeavour to educate our clients in legal matters, involve them fully in decision-making and join clients in finding growth and value in working through problems and disputes.


At ACCESS, we are committed to serving our clients with integrity. To us, this means not only speaking the truth at all times and acting honestly in all our dealings but also being transparent in our actions and our very persons. It is very important for us to connect with the men and women we serve as humans - not putting on a professional mask but rather being authentic in our interactions.


To have compassion is literally to "suffer with". The people we serve bring with them the hopes and aspirations of the entrepreneur, the worries and passion of the litigant, the sense of injustice and powerlessness of the wronged, brokenness of the grieving, the confusion and frustration of the newcomer to legal process. It is important to us to hear not "just the facts" but to listen to and sympathize with the deeper story of each client. Hence our firm motto: we listen, we care, we act. 


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