About our Firm - Overview

ACCESS Law Group is an association of experienced lawyers and paralegal professionals committed to bringing our business, nonprofit organization and individual clients the best in quality legal advice, service and value.

What We Offer To Our Clients


We are committed to serving our clients' needs in a caring, thoughtful, effective and timely manner. That means:

  1. understanding our client's situation, goals and strategies;
  2. being consistently accessible;
  3. providing high quality and practical advice and services;
  4. ensuring that there is a high level of communication with our client so that there is good understanding on our client's part of what, why and how we are doing.


We provide our legal services in a competitive environment. We recognize the importance of providing excellent value to our clients and ensuring that our clients perceive that they are well served. In order to achieve this objective, we discuss costs up front, work out a manageable budget and terms of payment and price our services in a competitive manner.


There are many ways to practice law and to deliver legal services. At ACCESS Law Group, we have developed the following distinctive's:

  • Integration of our legal advice with the practical needs of our clients. For many of our organizational clients, we have been part of the process in which our client has developed its stated purpose, values and vision.
  • Use of contemporary dispute resolution and negotiation strategies to minimize litigation and adversarial dispute resolution and, in many situations, to assist clients in conflict management and effective negotiation.
  • A willingness to travel to our client's place of business.

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