About our Firm - Making a Difference

access: (ak'ses) noun

  1. to gain entry
  2. to make available
  3. to open a passage of communication
  4. to provide admittance
  5. to approach

“Professional” comes from the verb “to profess” – to do something out of a place of belief and conviction.  At Access, we see the profession of law as a commitment to service of people, corporations and other organizations, and society itself.  With our human gifts and the legal training and experience we have received, we want to make a difference in our world.  Some of the particular areas that we seek to engage in are access to justice for all, advocating for the poor and the disabled, both locally and internationally, environmental stewardship and community building. 

This engagement comes both in our practices and in working with organizations such as:

  • Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network
  • Canadian Food for the Hungry International
  • BC Equity and Diversity Committee
  • A Rocha
  • Coast Foundation Society
  • City in Focus
  • Western Canadian Access Justice Society
  • The People’s Law School 
  • Salvation Army Pro Bono Clinic

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